Aamir Liaquat’s Daughter Reacts Angrily To His Umrah Pictures

Ever since the news of Aamir Liaquat’s second marriage was made public, his first family has been reacting in different ways. Bushra Aamir went from being in denial into a state of anger and now she is just quiet. His daughter Dua Aamir however has not forgiven her father or Tuba Aamir and she continues to share her opinion openly on social media. Dua Aamir is not at all happy with her father’s second marriage therefore she keeps on showing her anger in different ways. She once before tweeted against her father and now when her father has gone for Umrah with his second wife, she has a lot to say. Watch the video to find out what Dua Aamir said and what she has said before. Most people’s sympathies are with Aamir Liaquat’s first family since they feel he has wronged them. Watch the video till the end and share your views.


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