Abdullah Qureshi is bringing something our way

Abdullah Qureshi is that young heartthrob who taught himself music. He is from Islamabad and after gaining fame from his covers on YouTube, Abdullah released original tracks too.

Some of his famous original tracks are Tere Liye, Pardesi, Intezaar. He also has great love for guitars and percussions.

Most of the people are in love with his cover of Afreen Afreen on his YouTube channel and are always rooting for more of his covers and originals.

Recently, Patari, an online music forum posted a video hinting at the fact that Abdullah Qureshi is up to something and is going to bring us something our way.

PSL k final k baad sab se bari khushi ki khabar! Abdullah Qureshi is bringing something our way and we can't be more excited! Keep watching this space for something awesome!

Публикувахте от Patari в Неделя, 5 март 2017 г.

The video features a girl in kitchen sipping tea and munching on toasts while she hums to herself. The video is aesthetically pleasing as we hear the sound of slurping of tea.

The video has definitely left us curious and we are surely waiting for what Qureshi has in store for us next!