Adeel Chaudhary, a pakistani working in Indian commercial

Indian celebrities appearing in commercials on our TV screens is a routine by now and is no more a breaking news. Indian celebrities appear in commercials of every field be it Lawn, Shampoos, Cosmetics, Mobile Phones, Biscuits and even Paan Masaala.

But the contrary is not true, as Pakistani celebrities are not much popular in India. Perhaps for the very same reason, a Pakistani working in an Indian commercial (be it a side appearance) is received as a big news. Actor and Singer Adeel Chauhdary is working in an Indian commercial along side Shahrukh Khan.

Adeel Chaudhary is not a mainstream actor, his major appearance was in the role of Kamal in Yeh Zindagi HaiĀ on Geo Tv. As a singer he has provided vocals in few Indian films including Kismet Connection.

It will be interesting to mention that though Pakistani artists seldom appear in Indian commercials, in 1980’s famous cricketer Imran Khan has worked in an Indian Soap commercial.

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Rashid Nazir Ali

Rashid Nazir Ali

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