Adeel Husain’s childhood pictures are adorable

Adeel Husain is an amazing actor blessed with great looks, however, one more thing he is amazing at is photography. Adeel’s instagram account is a treat in itself. From capturing the nature to his friends and surroundings, his pictures are always aesthetically pleasing.

However, recently, the actor has posted a few pictures of his childhood. The photos are extremely cute and we bring you our handpicked favorites.

Here, Adeel’s mother is holding him as a baby and now we know, where he gets his good looks from.

Here, Adeel is playing with an Abacus and looking simply cute.

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'Abacus' [1979] #adeelhusain

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In this picture, Adeel is a rather young boy basking in the sun with his brother.

This photo shows a young Adeel with his dad and he looks like a mischievous young boy.

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''Chew it up' [1989] #SyedNajamHusain#SyedAdeelHusain

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He is playing with a fluffy dog here and looking rather adorable.

And finally, Adeel in his teen ages looking like a very handsome young boy as we see his school in the background.