Adnan Malik and Rameez Raja to team up!

There have been quite many news on tvc coming out recently. And this time it is Adnan Malik teaming up with Rameez Raja. The former cricketer is soon going to be seen in an upcoming tvc directed by Adnan Malik. Adnan’s talent as a director is nothing infamous and he is currently seen in drama Dil Banjara. Adnan had previously shared a small clip of legend Rameez Raja on Instagram with the caption of collaborating with the childhood mentor.

HIP then got in touch with Adnan to know more about the venture.
”It was so much fun working with Rameez,” Adnan Malik told HIP. “He is someone whom I have watched play as a cricketer and heard as a commentator. When I was growing up I played some under 19 cricket in Islamabad and I too wanted to be a cricketer so working with Raja was a big deal for me. Before the shoot began, I was so excited that I first went to Lahore and worked on his wardrobe, and then worked on reinventing his look in Karachi.”

Directing someone as famous as Raja was a lot of fun according to Adnan. “I wanted to bring his suave yet cheeky style into the performance, so I would use cricketing terms and moments from his own career while directing him! Like there was this one time he was run out on 99 in a match against England. So I would say, “roll camera! Rameez on 99 scampering for the single aaaaanddd.. Action!” I wanted to catch him off guard and make his performance more spontaneous,” said Adnan.

“He is such a mans man, you feel like you are part of an old boys club when you meet him,” shared Malik. “He knows cricket better than anyone else so it was great just talking to him. And he loves wordplay and so do I, so we were just talking all the time!”

“He’s also very patient. And also can talk for hours without a break. Plus for someone in his mid 50’s he’s super fit and runs an hour every day!”

Coming back to the ad, the director told HIP that it was a simple but fun ad, inspired by set ups in films which he had seen by Spike Jonze and Michele Gondry.

Rimsha Butt

Rimsha Butt