Adnan Sami Throws An Unacceptable Question Regarding Islam and Stirs A Debate

We have all grown up listening to Adnan Sami’s songs, but these days, all we hear is about his controversial statements. The singer has now sparked a debate on Twitter after throwing a question on why people think music is haram in Islam. He also made fun of the Saudi dance asking if its Haraam or Halaal.

People from all over the world reacted to his tweets as he challenged the ethics of Muslims and asked where does the Quran state that music is Haram in Islam.e clearly caused an uproar on social media.

Muslims all over the world reacted to his comments.

We’re not sure if he did all this for the sake of publicity, however, it doesn’t change the fact that he has picked on a very sensitive matter in a sarcastic manner. Seems like, singer these days are sharing their opinions regarding Islam just for the sake of publicity.

Rimsha Butt