Aftab Iqbal Hits Back At Sohail Ahmed’s Criticism

Sohail Ahmed is a big name in the world of acting and he recently gave an interview to Ahmed Ali Butt where he touched upon a lot of topics including theatre in Pakistan, experience working with many people including Aftab Iqbal as well as politics of the country including on and off dictatorships.

Aftab Iqbal Hits Back At Sohail Ahmed's Criticism

He strongly criticized Aftab Iqbal during the interview as they have both worked together in Hasb e Haal. Sohail Ahmed said that Aftab Iqbal does not respect his colleagues enough and he thinks of himself as a know it all. He also criticized the way he conducts himself, what he wears and advised him to be more humble in life and with his colleagues. Here is what he has said:

Aftab Iqbal has now hit back at Sohail Ahmed’ statements. He said that he used to be camera shy but he was a writer of the columns before he started Hasb e Haal, a show he had conceived at the time. He went on to say that Sohail is a great “actor” and an actor is nothing without a good writer and director. He added that he still respects Sohail’s prowess as an actor because this country is not making any greats in any field anymore.

Aftab Iqbal Hits Back At Sohail Ahmed's Criticism

He also shared that he was the one who had suggested Sohail Ahmed to bring on more comedians but Sohail Ahmed did not want to bring more actors then but later on he did everything on Hasb e Haal which Aftab had suggested. He also addressed that Sohail Ahmed criticized his shoes and clothing. He said he knows how his clothing gives content to comedians and that is something he aims to do every time he points out his clothing.

Aftab Iqbal Hits Back At Sohail Ahmed's Criticism

Aftab also talked about Sohail Ahmed’s challenge to confront him and said that he can talk to him anytime he wants. He revealed that he even invited Sohail to his show several times but he did not come. Aftab Iqbal did not disclose the reasons behind it. This is how he has responded to all the criticism calling it uncalled for:

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