Agha Ali Back To Work After His Breakup

With the end of the famous drama series Band Khirkiyaan, the real and reel life couple Agha Ali and Sarah Khan have parted away. 

Agha 3

Sarah Khan continued her career and appeared in several drama serials but Agha Ali kept himself away from the showbiz. During an interview, Agha Ali elaborated on how their breakup affected him. He said that it was the toughest time of his life. He kept himself isolated and couldn’t work for months but close friends helped me to get out of depression. 


Agha 1

Agha Ali is coming back to action. He will soon appear on a television screen with Hina Altaf on GEO. Agha posted his picture on Instagram with a very deep caption ’coming back stronger’. Agha Ali is coming back with completely different thinking and a fresh mind. 

Agha 2

Wish you all the very best for your upcoming drama with 7thSky. Good to see you back with so much positivity. 

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  • Agha is gud guy. There no metter with his deseas that couses breakup. If it may came aftet marage than? What would be. Divors? Redicules than why parent gets take care of thier special chilld. Why not buried them. Its immoral.

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