Agha Ali Does Not Want “Sakina Massi” As His Wife!

It is great to see our leading Pakistani male actors bring a new mentality to the forefront. Even though Agha Ali has failed to set new standards when it comes to his screen persona and the role he chooses to play, he is definitely breaking barriers otherwise. While answering a question in Jago Pakistan Jago, Agha Ali made it very clear that he does not want to marry someone who can do his chores for him. He said that I am very independent and do not expect my wife to do everything for me.

Here is what he had to say,

“I want to marry a girl who is simple and also has a strong personality. I hate men who get married because they want a wife who will do their house chores for them. I iron my clothes myself, I also wash the dishes and I also clean after me. This is so wrong – I don’t want Sakina Massi in my life!”

Agha Ali Does Not Want "Sakina Massi" As His Wife!

What he said next was even more refreshing! He said,

“I will even iron her clothes provided I have the time to do so.”

All the actresses on the show said that Agha Ali had made tea on the sets more often than they had. They called him an independent man who really did not need a woman to look after him.