Ahsan Khan Appreciates Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Wedding

I want to congratulate Hamza Ali Abbasi. He recently got married and I really appreciated the way they had arranged the wedding decently. It was decent yet very elegant wedding. He said that it is a lesson for those who love to flaunt money on big fat weddings or destination weddings. He said that again it is their choice but we need to think that try to be simple which is good. He said that it seems good that such big famous people opt for simple and decent weddings.

He said that everyone should think about such weddings and we think that he is giving message to showbiz people who have done lavish weddings having 10 to 12 functions.
Also he said that if one can spend it’s your wish do that but do not flaunt because not all are privileged so we should be simple.
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  • Yes well said and I completely agree with it….but I think indirectly everyone s pointing towards aiman Khan n muneeb butt s wedding (aka #aineebkeyshaadi). Isn’t it? Anyways it’s their choice but the way Hamza n Naimal opt for a simple; decent yet elegant wedding is just too good

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