Aiman Khan And Muneeb Butt Honeymoon Pictures

The Pakistan celebrity wedding of the year has definitely been stars Aiman Khan and Muneeb Butt’s wedding. The couple has been together for some time and were engaged. They got married finally and their fans were overjoyed with the news. The couple REALLY celebrated their wedding with a month-long function from bridal showers to Mayoun, Mehendi, parties and what not finally ending in a Walima. They then went back to their professional commitments and after fulfilling those went off to finally have a honeymoon.

The actors have both been having a lot of fun at all the locations they have visited together and have shared many photos with their fans on the social media. They have visited them all from the countryside to the big urban hubs and are looking pretty chill on this vacation. Here are a few more photos from Aiman and Muneeb’s honeymoon:

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