Aiman Khan Daughter Amal Muneeb Celebrating her First Independence Day

Aiman Khan has marked a strong name in showbiz for her tremendous acting and stunning looks. She got married to Muneeb Butt and they became young parents of an adorable baby girl, Amal Muneeb. She gained massive love from her fans not only through television screen but also through social media.
Amal became the talk of the town ever since she opened her eyes in this world. People were happy to hear the great news from their favourite couple and showed unconditional love toward Amal Muneeb. This year, she celebrated her first Independence day with her darling cousins.
Here are some cute pictures of Amal Muneeb celebrating her first Independence Day with her parents. Have a look!

Amal Muneeb 1

Amal Muneeb 2

Amal Muneeb 3

Amal Muneeb 4

Amal Muneeb 5

Amal Muneeb 6

Amal Muneeb 7

Amal Muneeb 8

Amal Muneeb 9

Amal Muneeb 10

Amal Muneeb 11

Amal Muneeb 12


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