Aiza Awan Spotted In Northern Pakistan

Aiza Awan is a rising star of Pakistan showbiz industry. She is a well-known model and actress. She has an attractive personality with outstanding acting skills. Aiza Awan started her career from modeling. Social media is now playing a key role in the modeling industry, she has a unique fan following list on instagram.



After the pandemic situation was a bit settled down in Pakistan, many people moved towards northern Pakistan for vacations. 

Aiza Awan was one of them. She recently shared some pictures on her instagram profile.

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Aiza visited Saif-ul-maluk lake, also known as the lake of fairies. This lake is famous for its majestically surrounded mountains covered with snow and provides a magical view of Malka Parbat Mountains. 

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The lake contains unbelievably crystal clear blue, green water that mesmerizes the beauty and attracts tourist.

Sara Imran