Ali Azmat Is The Ultimate Rockstar, Says Mahira Khan

Mahira believes there is only one rockstar who is Ali Azmat.

Ali Azmat Is The Ultimate Rockstar, Says Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan is the most famous Pakistani actress. She has a great personality and a beautiful face. Mahira has worked in many famous dramas and movies. Her latest work was in the movie Superstar which was super-hit. Not just in Pakistan, she has also appeared with Shahrukh Khan in movie ‘Raees’.

Mahira Khan represented Pakistan at the latest edition of Paris Fashion Week. She is back home finally.

Before flying for Paris, she gave an interview in which she described Ali Azmat as the ultimate rock-star of Pakistan.

“There is only one rockstar this country has created. What a man, what a guy,” she said.

Ali Azmat Is The Ultimate Rockstar, Says Mahira Khan

He is exactly who he is and he’s been like that forever – even when I was a fan and me and my best friend would follow him around and he’s always been that guy,” shared Mahira Khan.

Mahira and Ali Azmat are working on ‘The Legend Of Maula Jutt’. The releasing date of the movie has not been announced yet.

Ali calls Mahira by another name which is ‘ a serial rejector.’

Moreover, she added, “Although lately, every time he meets me – what does he say? Mahira stated, “He calls me ‘Hey, serial rejecter’ and I’m like ‘who are you talking about’ and I have no idea who he’s talking about or whom I’ve rejected. So, it’s an inside joke but I don’t know it so I’m like okay, whatever, fine.”


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