Ali Gul Pir & Ahsan Bari To Perform Free Live Gig in Sehwan

Last week, nearly 85 people were killed and over 300 injured in a suicide bomb explosion at Lal Shahbaz Qalandar’s dargah in Sehwan Thursday evening.

A day after the attack, devotees gathered at the shrine to resume dhamal in defiance of not only the attackers but also the police. While we still recover from the pain and shock of what has happened, others have been quick in terms of the message they want to give back to terrorists. Amongst those people is dancer/activist Sheema Kermani who showed consolidatory with the victims and people of Sehwan by dancing at the shrine and now, the rapper; comedian Ali Gul Pir, whose family originates from Dadu, Sehwan will be performing at the shrine.

Ali Gul Pir along with Ahsan Bari and others will perform free live gig in Sehwan on Saturday, February 25. These guys are set to show their resilience to their best ability.

Rimsha Butt