Ali Rehman Khan clears air about viral video

Social media today saw a video of actor Ali Rehman Khan going viral, where the actor was seen yelling at a McDonald’s employee, asking him if he knew who he was and if he had seen any of his dramas?

Social media reacted violently to the video. Not only did it become one of the top trends in Pakistan but people also called out Ali Rehman Khan for playing his celebrity card and demanding to be dealt as a VIP in a public place.

However, it seems, there was a whole different scenario behind the video, as Ali Rehman Khan, himself, took to social media and made it clear how the entire video was part of a social experiment.

Explaining in his video, Ali stated that the entire scene at McDonald’s was staged to show how we need to react and stand up against the VIP culture that exists so blatantly in our society. Ali said that change needs to be triggered in our society and people need to speak up and put a stop to this culture which will be trending under #TumJantayHoMainKaunHoon

Ali went on to state how it was important that we reacted to VIP culture in actuality rather than only on social media and teach our children how this needed to be stopped for the future.

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ifrah salman

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  • When you get caught shouting at an employee just start a trend that this is a social experiment and make yourself look innocent.
    I have realised Why Pakistan’s media industry never progresses, it’s because all the celebrities think so much of themselves honestly show respect if you demand respect #TreatOthersLikeYouWantToBeTreated

  • If it was a social experiment then he would not have looked so surprised and cleared it up there and then. He has a good PR team and I’m very open minded but sorry not buying this one.

  • He is a stupid actor and nonsense personality. An as usually liar to manipulate the situation. Looking at him i begin to believe Darwen theory.