Ali Zafar Reveals All Hidden Stories Regarding His Controversy

Ali Zafar is a brilliant Pakistani model, actor and singer. Ali Zafar is popularly known in Pakistan and India for his extremely hit music and his melodious voice. Ali Zafar’s songs fetch YouTube views in millions. Recently, the singer and actor appeared in The Talk Talk Show with Hassan Choudary where he talked about his controversy with Meesha Shafi.

Ali Zafar Reveals All Hidden Stories Regarding His Controversy

Ali Zafar Reveals All Hidden Stories Regarding His Controversy

Talking about it Ali Zafar said, “I was seeing this coming, I told the real story to friends while having a normal conversation and the friends said to me that I did a mistake by hiding this story from public, I actually wanted to do everything through court but I didn’t know that in this country we have to wait for so long inorder to get justice, also, the sane people have now understood the real matter, the real story behind the controversy is that I go a huge contract and soon after getting the contract I started seeing strange things a long with threats to quit the project. I didn’t quit the project and then this thing came up. I knew the blackmailing but still I didn’t back off, obviously, it’s my bread and butter. That one tweet ruined all my contracts, now it’s been 5 years and I am waiting for the verdict which is pending because the lady is not coming to the court, these are all facts and not my personal opinion. Here is the link to the video:

He further talked about the losses he faced after controversy, Ali said, “my losses can’t be stated in words, I lost contracts worth crores, they all are documented”. Ali also quoted a verse, ‘now, I have gotten so many hardships that nothing feels difficult’. For two to three years, I sat at home but I thanked my Allah on this too, after this thing, I appreciate my relationships more than before, now, I even love the people who brought sorrows in my life because they taught me a lot. Here is the link to the video:

Ali Zafar further opened up about feeling zero in his life when he was informed that he’s being given the award but he wasn’t awarded and the team gave the justification that they can’t award him because of the severe public backlash. Here is the link to the video:


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