Ali Zafar & Shaan Are Friends Again!

Entertainment industries all over the world are somehow complicated, there are stars who are friends and there are those too who are rivals. Ali Zafar and Shaan both are one of the most popular stars of Pakistan but their public feud was nothing infamous.

For those who don’t know, At Ary Film Awards 2014, Shaan openly criticized Pakistani artistes who cross the border to be a part of Bollywood ventures, calling them “cheap sell-outs.” He blamed local celebrities for making Bollywood a stairway to their success.

While the audience, which included stars such as Javed Sheikh and Zeba Bakhtiar, was taken aback by Shaan’s comments, it was singer-actor Ali Zafar who answered him back as he received the award for ‘International Icon of the Year’. Ali mentioned how it was disrespectful of Shaan to blame the artistes as sell-outs and gave his definition of patriotism.

Since then, there had been no public interaction between, and apparently they were captured jamming to a friendship anthem. Ali Zafar was singing “yeh dosti hum naheen choreingay” while Shaan played the guitar and we’re glad to see these stars together!

Last night with Shaan.

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Boys' joke. Shhhhh.

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