Amir Khan Reveals Why He Cut Off Ties With Family

Boxer Amir Khan and his family feud was all over the internet since past few months. His wife Faryal Makhdoom previously took to Snapchat to criticize his family as she claimed they tried to destroy her marriage. Following the major feud and some astonishing financial revelations , Amir has decided to part ways from them, even his father.

Now 30, the former world champion confessed that an era of his life is over but luckily, a new one is underway, reported The Independent. “After the Canelo fight, my old team thought ‘he’s had his big fight, he’s done now’; I lost in May but by October/November it had all changed. So this is the chance for me now to prove everyone wrong. I’m not done. I’ve just turned 30, I’ve still got some good years left in me. It could be my time to shine,” asserted Amir. “My old team will think I made the worst choice by letting them go and say ‘watch his career go down the drain’. I’m not going to let that happen. I’m looking forward to proving them wrong.”

And what’s more – the boxer has no plans of burying the hatchet. “When you start making big money, the people around you should have been looking out for your interests but it didn’t seem like that,” he confessed. “They were just saying ‘the money is coming in just keep spending it’. When you’re making millions, sometimes people forget about the little costs but they add up, man,” claimed Amir.

Amir is currently preparing for a ‘tune-up’ fight next month and in talks of a megafight with Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao.

Rimsha Butt