Amir Liaquat And His Second Wife Are At It Again

Amir Liaquat knows how to be in news and for all the wrong reasons and now there someone standing shoulder to shoulder to him. It’s his new wife Tuba Amir. The couple have been receiving a ot of backlash. What added fuel to fire is Amir Liaquat’s daughter and wives tweets.

Aamir Liaquat, however, is happy with the new marriage and is expressing his love for Syeda Tuba Anwar online:

Her daugher tweeted, “Another day, another tragedy Ever since you hurt your family Sincerest prayers for you to recover And that too goes for the homewrecker Hoping Allah guides you to the right way Whilst your children wipe their tears away. Your devastated daughter in pain, Duaa Aamir.”  People sympathising with her trolled the newly married couple. But after a few days, Tuba came with a response.

She tweeted, “Rumors & Gossip is Temporary, Our Marriage is Permanent.” She also shared a video of her husband. In the video he is calling out people who are publishing and talking about his personal life. He said that he is still supporting his kids. He further said he doesn’t want to discuss his private affair publicly. He also tried his best to justify his act. That’s something that he is famous for. He has been known to manipulate situations in his favor a lot of times before.

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