Amir Liaquat Gives Sarcastic Comments About Mehwish Hayat’s Dance Video

Amir Liaquat strikes again at Mehwish Hayat.

Amir Liaquat Gives Sarcastic Comments About Mehwish Hayat's Dance VideoMehwish Hayat is a prominent figure in the Pakistani industry. She has worked in Pakistani movies and dramas and has been awarded Tamgha-e-Imtiaz.

Recently, Mehwish Hayat posted a video on her social media in which she is rehearsing for Hum Awards with Ahsan Khan.

Here is Mehwish’s sizzling dance video!

As soon as she posted this video, many people criticized her for wearing short clothes. Her haters could not stop bashing her.

Moving the story forward, Aamir Liaquat also came forward and commented on Mehwish’s dance and wrote:

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  • سمجھ نہیں آتا پاکستان کو عوام اور لیڈرز کیا بنانا چاہتے ہیں ۔ ایک طرف بات ہوتی ہے اسلامی جمہوریہ پاکستان بنانے کی اور دوسری طرف اپنی پہچان کھونے پر ساری محنت ہو رہی ہے ۔کون سا امتیازی کام کیا ہے مہ وش حیات نے جس پر اعزاز دیا گیااور اب لڑکیوں کی ایمبیسیڈر، یہ بے حیایء۔بےہودہ لباس۔یہ پہچان بنا رہی ہیں یہ ہماری اور ہماری
    لڑکیوں کی۔
    بس کسی ایک کا نام کسی اچھے کام میں کیا آ جاے اگلی باری کے سارے اعزازات اسی کے ہوجاتے ہی ۔

    • yahe to is tabdeeli sarkar ki tabdeeli ha…islamic mulk ma aisy logon ko aizaz r jo is mulk k lye kaam krny waly dr abdul qadeer khan,abdus salam , arfa karim ko insan he nhe samajty…Afsus hota ha aisy halat pr

  • Why only mehwish hayat is targeted? Because she is going against Islamic rules ? Correct I agree . But why media and public and religious figures put blind eye towards iqra Aziz ?? Is what iqra is doing is halal is Islamic rules?? Needless to say iqra is having holiday with her boyfriend Yasir in Disney Land .. they are not husband and wife still they are traveling together ? Why why why why is it halal or Haram . Because everyone wants to become popular they Target mehwish. Where are ulemas?

  • ایک فنکار کے حَسِین اور دِل روبا رقص کو فحاشی کہنا عجب ہے . فحاشی فنکار میں نہیں ان کے انڈر بستی ہے

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  • Don’t have the words to express myself. Just want to ask all those fathers brothers mothers uncles and aunts is this what a woman should be wearing publically? There is something known as a shrug , or a jacket which she could have worn over her training vest. Total training gear would have looked decent why this in complete attire?

  • In ki marzi yeh jo bhi pehnain……..inhon ne apna hisab khud hi dena hoga……….is liye hmain in ki fikar nahi krni chahye hmain apni fikar krni chahye.

  • سمجھ میں نہیں آیا کہ اس نے کون سا کوئی ایسا قومی کار نامہ سرانجام دیا ہے کہ صدارتی تمغہ امتیاز مل گیا ہے، جمعہ جمعہ آٹھ دن ہوئے ڈراموں میں کام کر تے ہوئے.

  • We public should stand against this and criticise it strongly on all social media platforms

  • Admirers of Mehwish are mostly men while criticisers are females. Why? There’s nothing wrong with her dance actually we as muslim’s do not want our sisters or daughters to be exposed like this,and that is called protective.

  • I think she is answerable to Allah for her deeds. We have no right to judge anybody regarding his or her acts.Being muslim I think she very well knew about her limits.Let all the judgement be made by the only one who is the Lord of entire universe “God”.

  • Who ever is speaking in favor of this dance #, just for once think can you watch it with your daughter or sister or mother?? How would you feel if it was a woman from your family?

    • Ab logon main yeh sharam b khatam ho chuki hai. Jawan betion ko sath bitha kr by khuda gany or seen daikhty hain. Or kuch ka to yeh Hal hai k baap ny bri bri Darian rakhi hoti hain. Namaz aik b miss ni hony daity bt betion ko shadi ki mehfil on main nangy Sr nachwaty hain or appreciation b dety hain.

  • We all Pakistani forget that she is an actress if she dance or wear short clothes nothing effect on her or somebody write bad comments. Basically it’s her job to entertain people. So don’t try to mingle religion in this topic I guess🤔🤔🤔

  • Ham say hamara culture cheena jarha ha hosh k nakhun lo jis thrah k is ki dress toba toba ,jo in ki support krtay hain wo zara ya bta dain kia ap apni behnou ko b is thra la kay stage pa betha dengay liberals lanati khuda ka khoof kro is thra zilzelay nhi to or kia aya gaaa

  • I respect all bt to giv tamgha-e-imtiaz for such a vulgarity infact promote a vulur culture n invoke others to go like thos in industry to get national awards
    Its our responsibility to stand against the shameful trends in our media induatry n promote decency

  • Ye sare islam ke thekedar hy, peley kud se pochy vo 100% islam ki batey qaboley or apne girebano mey dekhay fir dosro ki gand me hath daley 🤣😂🐕😂

  • اسے تمغہ امتیاز کی بجاۓ کپڑے پہناۓ جائیں وہ زیادہ اچھے لگیںگے

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