Amir Liaquat’s Shocking Statements – Watch Video

Amir Liaquat ridiculed Junaid Jamshed’s mother when he expressed his opinion about what Junaid Jamshed had said about Hazrat Ayesha. The public was of the opinion that two wrongs do not make a right, if Junaid Jamshed did something wrong so did Amir Liaquat. Junaid Jamshed also expressed his grief over the way different people were giving their opinions. Junaid Jamshed called Amir Liaquat to tell him how his comment made him feel. In this video Amir Liaquat explains in detail what he meant when he said all that. So much so that he used the same words for himself saying that Hazrat Ayesha was above his own mother and if he did not respect Hazrat Ayesha than her own mother did not deserve any respect either.

Amir Liaquat also said that people only make mistakes like the one Junaid Jamshed made when they start thinking of these respected and honorable religious personalities like just another human being or like their own selves. He also said that personalities like Hazrat Ayesha deserved special respect because she could in no way be full of imperfections like any other human being.

Amir Liaquat said that he is well aware of all the things people say about his video but he said that he asked Allah for forgiveness that is why he was forgiven and anyone else who does the same will be forgiven too.

Do watch the whole video for the most shocking comments!