Amna Ilyas and Danish Taimoor’s song sequence in Mehrunisa V Lub u

The producer of the film Yasir Nawaz had earlier revealed that there are lots of cameo appearances in the film Mehrunisa V Lub u and Amna Ilyas will be one of them. Recent reports suggest that Amna Ilyas has been rolled in to do a song along with Danish Taimor for the film. The shooting for the song has already completed.

Talking to HIP, Amna says the song titled Marhabba is not an item number. “It’s a duet. Danish and I share equal parts in the song and there is a lot of dancing,” she mentions, adding that it took them three consecutive nights to shoot the song. “It was very tiring and we had around 200 background dancers on the sets.”

Marhabba is a desi romantic song and will have resemblance to 90s Bollywood movie Beta’s hit number Dhak dhak. “The song is very upbeat and will set standards, making it difficult for other girls to follow,” concludes Amna.

Rimsha Butt

Rimsha Butt