Amna Ilyas Has A Sweet Wish For Her Mother On Her Birthday

Amna Ilyas is a diva. She is a supermodel and has turned an actress now. She is also featuring in Saqib Malik’s upcoming film Baaji. No one can be anything without the support of their parents and a single parent just has double responsibilities. It was the birthday of Amna’s mother and she wished her with a very sweet message.

Amna paid homage to her mother who single handedly brought her up after her father’s demise. She made her mother feel all the special and told her how much she loves her. This is how Amna wished her mom:

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The strength of a mother is what finally shows up in her children and all the stands we always have seen Amina take and whatever she is today is because of her very strong mother and Amna made sure to tell her about it.

Pakeeza Dar