Amna Malik’s Tea @ 5

Amna Malik is well known and experienced host of Pakistani television industry. She has hosted many morning shows on several popular channels of Pakistan including Dunya News, Abb Takk Television, News One and Jaag Television. During the past few years, she has proved herself as attractive host with her unique style of hosting shows and is back with yet another interesting show which is T @ 5. Tea at 5 will be an entertainment show with a lot gossips, interviews, information and many more and will air on channel 5, every Thursday to Sunday at 5 pm. She is also currently seen essaying a relatively small role in drama Saanp Sehri.

Hip recently got in touch with Amna and when asked what made her say yes to a small channel, she said:

“Nothing is big or small, I don’t believe in that, if you are good in your work and are part of a show which is knowledgeable and does not stoop to mindless activities just to get a good rating then I feel that the audiences do tune in irrespective of how big a channel is.”

Amna further added,

“If you look at Shahid Masood and Jasmine then they too joined relatively new channels but since they are loved by people their shows were watched with great interest.”

When asked Malik how difficult it would be to do a show from Lahore when she is based in Karachi?

“It’s actually easier for me because I will shoot in Lahore for few days in a week and since it’s an evening show it will give me ample of time to pursue my acting career as well. I liked the concept behind Tea @ 5 because I don’t believe in doing morning shows where one is pressurised to follow others like doing a shaadi week or calling spirits. That is just not my thing and I am much happier in doing a show where I know my fans won’t be disappointed at all” said the mother of two, Amna.

Rimsha Butt

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