Anchor Maira Hashmi Slaps Boy – Viral Video

Journalist and road show anchor Maira Hashmi has just made waves on social media after her slapping video went viral on social media. Well, an anchor Maira Hashmi was conducting a road show in which she slapped a young boy, after which her video made popular on social media. Here is the famous viral video.

After seeing her video, many people called out the anchor after which she had to post an explanation. Maira took the clarification note to her official social media account and explained about slapping the young boy.
In her tweet, the anchor Maira Hashmi wrote, “This guy was continuously harassing the family during the interview – which made the family upset – I first lovingly explained that don’t do this, but despite the explanation, this guy didn’t understand and kept on making a lot of noise – after which she had to slap him”

Public is coming up with mixed opinion, a few people are saying that it is easy to gain attention and fame now a days by keeping a micro phone and camera and stirring a controversy that has a potential to go viral. A few said that she gave bogus explanation about the slapping a 10 years old kid. Many other users supported her. Here are comments.


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