AnM Closet’s Latest Luxury Pret Collect “Meraki”

AnM Closet, owned by the very talented and gorgeous twin sisters Aiman and Minal, aims to provide stylish and trendy outfits for every girl out there to glam up themselves according to the latest fashion trends. The artists and designers put their timeless efforts and soul over an extended period of time on each and every outfit to make it worth it.

Recently, AnM Closet launched their latest luxury pret collection “Meraki”, featuring Aiman Khan and Minal Khan. The latest collection “Meraki” encompasses 3 piece traditional yet contemporary dresses that are curated with sheer determination and drudgery of their skillful artists. The price of the latest outfits from luxury collection ranges from ₨14,500.00 to ₨18,500.00. Let’s have a look at some of the beautiful articles from AnM Closet’s latest collection!

Sara Imran

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