The Most Annoying Host – Nida Yasir or Sanam Jung?

Morning shows in Pakistan have been at their boom for quite a while now and they are often under discussion for various reasons. With morning shows comes a greater responsibility because these shows are used to educate the audience that tune to them. As there’s a whole lot of audience that watch these morning shows either to get educated or to get entertained, it is equally important for the ‘morning show hosts’ to have the intelligence and sensibility to conduct these shows.

Most people tune into HUM TV and ARY Digital to watch dramas, these two channels therefore are the most frequently watched channels, which is why the morning shows which air on these channels, get the most of the viewership and for that reason, Nida Yasir and Sanam Jung are the two most-followed and most-watched morning show hosts at the moment. Sanam Jung and Nida Yasir both were actors before they turned into full time morning show hosts. therefore when they started hosting Morning Shows they already had a fan base.

Both Nida Yasir and Sanam Jung have proved their consistency and commitment as morning show hosts because they have been associated with their respective channels for years. However, since we have been watching them for such a long time, it does make one question whether they are suitable for this job or not? All around the world a host who comes up with new ideas is appreciated for their creativity and is considered a good host, in Pakistan however the criteria is somewhat different!  unfortunately, in Pakistan, the one who can talk non-stop for 2 hours every morning is deemed as a perfect candidate to be gracing the seat of a morning show host while completely ignoring the fact that the non-stop conversing prowess should be considered as just a part of the job and not the actual job because what comes out of the mind and mouths of these hosts is far more important as they are reaching out to the general public through their shows. Unfortunately, in Pakistan a certain criteria has been set for morning show hosts because all the shows provide similar sort of content and for that they need specific kind of women to host them as there’s zero margin for creativity and newness. All the morning show hosts are expected to promote a specific kind of content and the one who does that effortlessly maintains her seat for the longer period of time.

Since Nida Yasir and Sanam Jung have been discussed separately quite a few times on our website, this time around, we decided to compare both of them to see who is more annoying than the other because even though they both have different personalities, they both have a similar approach towards their shows, audience, guests and overall content that they promote through their morning shows.

Attitude With The Audience

There are so many instances where both Nida Yasir and Sanam Jung make you feel bad for the audience that enthusiastically show up on their shows. Those innocent ladies not only make their shows happening but the amount of effort they put in to appear on TV is seen through their dressing and overall get up but sadly, they are treated like doormats by both Nida Yasir and Sanam Jung. When it comes to Nida Yasir, God Forbid if she spots someone in the audience who is healthy or has a dusky complexion, she will make sure to convey it to them by openly body-shaming them. Even though Nida will later apologize but the instant reaction clearly shows her mental capability and caliber that she only judges people based on their appearances and nothing else. Nida thinks it is perfectly alright to comment on someone’s weight, height, facial features and complexion while completely ignoring the fact that she might be hurting people who come to see her with so much of respect in their hearts for her. Quite often, Nida would use her audience as a mannequin for her makeup artists and would even force people to come to the forefront whereas it would be clearly seen that those people are totally uncomfortable. In this regard, Sanam Jung is equally worse because she not only ignores her audience but snubs them trying to show that she has no time for them. For Sanam Jung, connecting with her audience means commenting on their jewelry, dresses or makeup while she totally misses the point that one doesn’t need these half-hearted compliments if they do not come from a place of respect or courtesy!

The Most Annoying Host - Nida Yasir or Sanam Jung?

Control Over Their Thoughts

Sanam Jung can be deemed better in this regard since she is so full of herself, no one else crosses her mind and she keeps on yapping about herself, her husband, her mother, her mother in law and her daughter. Since Sanam can’t think about anyone else but herself and her family, it does make it easier for her to screen her thoughts as most of the times she is not even paying attention to the one she is having a conversation with. When it comes to Nida Yasir, in this regard, she really has no filters and that is one of her worst traits. Yes, Nida Yasir always tries to cover up her blunders after she blurts them out which shows that she has a thing called conscience but that seems pointless as she always says the weirdest of things that are on her mind, be it related to someone’s beauty, complexion, weight or general life experiences. It is good to be honest but one should always know how to word their thoughts because there’s a fine line between being ill-mannered or being straight forward and Nida Yasir hands down falls in the former category!

Paying Attention To The Guests

A good host is one who lets his guests take the center stage but not every host follows that rule. It can be said that Nida Yasir is better, though the reason might be a bit quirky – since she really likes to probe into people’s lives and she loves asking personal questions, she makes sure that her guests feel heard and for that reason she gives them undivided attention, she lets them talk their secrets out since this is something even she herself takes pride in. Sanam Jung however is so engulfed in herself, her life, her family, her daughter that she barely pays attention to what her guests are saying. So many times she ends up asking them the same thing that they had just spoken about which shows that her attention span when it comes to her guests is quite low. Also, it has become so obvious now that Sanam Jung just looks for an opportunity to slip in her personal talks in between the sentences of her guests because she ‘assumes’ people will be thrilled to know the story of how she wakes her husband Qasssaaaam at night for phone charging cable since the power supply is on his side of the bed. Yeah, she said it and yeah, you read it right! Sometimes Sanam Jung asks a question and even answers it herself! There are also times when you actually feel that the producer has to remind Sanam Jung to stop talking about herself and let her guests answer the questions!

The Most Annoying Host - Nida Yasir or Sanam Jung?

Level of Self-Obsession

Sanam Jung beats Nida Yasir in this category by a huge margin because Nida Yasir might speak about herself, she still is not as self-obsessed to an extent of being narcissist as Sanam Jung is. Nida Yasir does share a thing or two about herself and her life but she does that most of the time to make fun of herself, which shows that to some extent, she is pretty down to earth and finds it perfectly alright to share her imperfections whereas Sanam Jung thinks she is perfect and no one comes close to her in that level of perfection. The way Sanam Jung speaks so highly of herself, her husband and her daughter goes to show that she lives in a bubble filled with arrogance and pride which makes her believe that everyone else is a nobody and she is everything, which is another reason why she can’t stop talking about herself!

Posture and Body Language

A host’s posture and body language also contributes a great deal to the overall viewing experience. Sanam Jung is most often seen in formal attire in her shows and has to carry a more made-up and glamorous look which she isn’t always comfortable in. It is quite obvious that Sanam Jung is more of a jeans t-shirt or kurta tights kind of a girl who finds it really difficult to carry duppatta around. She is constantly struggling with her duppatta and even her posture. She also makes it apparent that these few hours when she has to sport a look which makes her really uncomfortable are not a walk in the park. Her discomfort is not only annoying but also distracting because that is the last thing which a viewer should be noticing while watching a show. Nida Yasir on the other hand is more comfortable on her show and most often isn’t self-conscious even though there have been multiple times when her stylists didn’t style her perfectly.

The Most Annoying Host - Nida Yasir or Sanam Jung?

The Way The Show Is Conducted

Conducting a live show demands a great deal of confidence and it also requires the ability to multitask since the show hosts are not only dealing with the guests and the audience but at the same time they have to keep the viewers engaged too. Apart from this, they are constantly being directed by the director which can be distracting. Another challenge in Pakistani morning shows is that most often there are more than enough guests on the set therefore making sure that things do not turn chaotic is also a major task which the host needs to accomplish in order to make the show more coordinated.While both these hosts have tons of confidence, overall, Nida Yasir manages to juggle all these things better than Sanam Jung. One reason for this also is that she does not let her guests completely take over even if her guests are very talkative and confident individuals. Nida’s show is usually as crowded as Sanam’s show but the big difference is that she handles the crowd better than Sanam. Sanam on the other hand is always fighting for time because she talks just as much as her guests and the required time is never enough. Also, very often she fails to give the same amount of attention to all the guests which is why some of the guests might not get to share their views on her show even if a particular guest is an expert who was invited for a specific reason. Having said that, Nida Yasir’s research about the topics and guests is just as bad as that of Sanam Jung, which is why very often she ends up asking questions which can very easily be termed as just plain foolish! Both the hosts clearly do not invest time in finding out more about their guests so that they can delve deeper into the details but end up spending a great deal of time asking basic questions.

Honestly speaking, there was a time when Sanam Jung wasn’t half as annoying as Nida Yasir but after years of “hard work” she can now be crowned as the most annoying host. We also feel that the people behind Jago Pakistan Jago also have a big role to play in turning her into an annoying auntie instead of a creative,fun, intelligent woman who could most certainly do better!!

We would love to hear from you guys, who do you think is the most annoying host? Your votes and comments will be considered as the final verdict ;)

The Most Annoying Host - Nida Yasir or Sanam Jung?

Fatima Awan & Zahra Mirza