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Another baby is given to a childless couple in Geo’s TV show Inaam Ghar

Inaam Ghar is a TV show hosted by Aamir Liaqut, which Geo TV claims to be widely viewed. As  per one report of Urdu Daily Jang (published on 6 April 2014)’ A childless couple is blessed with a child due to Inaam Ghar’ (another feather in the already heavily filled crown of this show and aamir liaqut). Last year infants were given as gifts/commodities to some couples in Amaan Ramzan show of Aamir Liaqut too and now it is repeated in Inaam Ghar. Last year the act was widely condemned and criticized by people from different walks of life including social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi, but Aamir Liaqut is least concerned about it. (Offcourse the more important concern is to get high TRP of show)

As per report, there is a ‘palnaa (baby swing)’ at the set of show Inaam Ghar, this time it has a baby from Chheepa welfare organization which was abandoned by the parents with a chit that Ramzan Chheepa (head of Chheepa organization) and Aamir Liaqut can handover this baby to any childless couple. The ever famous host i.e. Aamir Liaqut in the presence of Ramzan Chheepa and Nadia Gabool (Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh) handed the baby to a childless couple. Emotional scenes (which are necessary for a high television rating) were also observed in plenty on this occasion leaving Nadia Gabool and many others in tears. Emotionally charged Ms. Nadya Gabool expressed her feelings by saying ‘I had heard of angels but now I had seen them in reality in the shape of Aamir Liaqut Hussain (what is the definition of angel for Ms. Nadya Gabool????) and Ramzan Chheepa. They both are providing services to humanity which cannot be described in words.’

The ever happy couple Shahid Memon and Shumaila Shahid thanked Aamir Liaqut and said that after a wait of eleven years they have been blessed with a baby (strange, if they have any plans of baby adaption, they could have easily contacted any other organization already working in country for this purpose instead of waiting for eleven years and aamir liaqut who has recently started awarding babies from last year). After showering some further sentiments (off course in front of camera) the couple with the consent of Aamir Liaqut named the baby as ‘Muhammad Hamza’.

So the emotionally charged event concluded happily, but there was further icing on the cake in the shape of response from Aamir Liaqut on this noble deed.

Ramzan Cheepa said that awarding babies to needy couples in the show ‘Amaan Ramzan’ (Ramzan show of Aamir Liaqut aired last year) has yielded positive results, and there has been a considerable decrease in number of babies abandoned by their families. (breaking news: as every other week Geo News shows some report where a poverty stricken family has abandoned its kids, so either Mr Chheepa is wrong or Geo News is wrong  )

Speaking on the occasion Aamir Liaqut said, in inaam ghar, a determined procedure is followed before giving a baby to a childless couple, the procedure includes thorough inspection of the couple. He further added ‘Despite his noble and pious work he was overly criticized in the show Amaan Ramzan but he is fully determined (means kar lo jo karna hai) to continue this pious contribution towards humanity, i.e. work of giving babies to childless couple (off course in front of camera as it yields high TRP, whereas off camera will not increase TRP).

(So it means Aamir Liaqut will continue this act, so all the childless couples who want to adapt a baby in front of camera should immediately contact the management of show). Perhaps after ‘Aalim Online’ soon there will be program named ‘Baby-adaption online’ hosted by ‘har dil azeez’ Aamir Liaqut.

Here is the full report from Urdu Daily Jang.




Rashid Nazir Ali