Anoushey Ashraf Has a Travelling Instagram Account And It Is Beautiful

Anoushey Ashraf is a frequent traveler and little did we know, she has a whole separate instagram account dedicated to her vacation photos and the breathtaking places she sees.

Today, we bring you some the most beautiful photos the diva has uploaded.

She seems to be a big fan of the deep blue ocean.

We love how she has captured the residential architecture of every place she visits.

The balcony view is breathtaking!

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The largest metropolis on the Mediterranean, Barcelona is absolutely perfect. It has a beautiful, laid back vibe and is one of my favourite cities of the world. Big enough to live the 'big city' life and small enough to still feel cosy. The perfect combo! With the economy down, it's relatively cheap this time around too. I could've put up many amazing pictures but I like my style of story telling through my travels and hence ive put up a shot of mine that may not have a landmark but may help describe the 'vibe' of the place. Taken from my friend's apartment, this little balcony overlooks the ancient city full of wondrous architecture and history. Barcelona is love. An evening coffee overlooking into the lives of others from a birds eye view and I was as happy as happy can be! You must see this city at some point in your life. Am thankful for my travels. Travel tips for REAL (πŸ˜‰) travellers: it's not about ticking a bucket list and running around seeing everything you should see, it's about experiencing a place and letting it get inside you. Take your time and soak it in! Enjoy :) #travel #traveling #travelling #travelingram #travels #traveler #travelphotography #traveller #travelbug #traveltheworld #travelers #travelvideo

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We also noticed that Anoushey strikes gorgeous poses amidst beautiful surroundings.

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At the top of beautiful Mukshpuri at 2800 metres above sea level. The trek on horseback (and a little on foot) took us around 2 hours. There are two ways to get here, one from Dunga Gali, which is a shorter but more difficult trek. We took the track from Nathia Gali which may take 20 mins more but is a much prettier path laden with Alpine trees, the Lalazar park ( mini zoo up on the hill) and places to stop and breathe. For the ones not too physically fit I'd recommend to get yourself a horse for the ride, it cost us 4K both ways but totally worth it. This also happened during Eid so peak season charges were perhaps applied. The last tome I went they charged us 3000 (30$) both ways! It's totally worth it once you get to the top though. Take your phones fully charged for epic pictures of the Neelam river in Kashmir, Muzaffarabad etc on a clear day! Sit back and watch the clouds descend through the trees and one can literally sit around while they pass through you! Wow!! Don't litter, some people do and it hurts me to no end! I tried to tell the locals to take ownership and fine people who leave behind soda cans and wrappers, made my blood boil to be honest! This aside, take the trek, get some music and a good book, get to the top, lie around nature and enjoy our beautiful Pakistan! #instatraveling #travelgram #exploretheworld #Me thanks @wassayhassan for the picture!

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She also has an eye for capturing beautiful architecture.

And finally, it is more than obvious that Anoushey loves green pastures.

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