Are Actresses Insecure Of Imran Abbas’s Beauty

Imran Abbas is known as one of the most handsome men in Pakistan. He has been working in the industry for over two decades now and he also did projects in India. Imran Abbas is known for his looks, his talent for picking great scripts and his humility. Imran Abbas was a guest on Ramiz Raja’s show and he answered some questions that everyone wanted to know about.

Are Actresses Insecure Of Imran Abbas's Beauty

Imran was asked if he knows that actresses get insecure of his good looks when they work with him. Imran was modest like always and said that he feels all our actresses are beautiful and he never felt they had that notion as they worked with him. Imran has worked with big stars like Neelam Muneer, Sajal Aly and Saba Qamar and he will be starring with Sadia Khan again soon.

Are Actresses Insecure Of Imran Abbas's Beauty

Here is how Imran answered this question:

Imran also talked about if he feels that beauty is important to fall in love. He said that when you are in love, you feel like that person is the most beautiful in this world. You start to feel like no one can be more beautiful than that person, such is the effect of love.

Are Actresses Insecure Of Imran Abbas's Beauty

This is what Imran said:

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