Armeena Khan’s Instagram Account Might Get Banned For Speaking Against War

Where is freedom of speech?

The Bollywood actress, Priyanka Chopra took to her Instagram to praise Indian Air Force for the claimed attack in Pakistan.

Many people called her out for promoting  war after being the Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF. Pakistani celebrities stood against her and one of them was Armeena khan. She tweeted:

Armeena also posted series of tweets where she called out Bollywood stars for promoting war.

Recently, Armeena posted on her Instagram story that her account might get banned. Her account has already been shadow-banned and her some of the content has been taken down.

Lets have a look at her statement:

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This is an alarming situation. In this modern world, where is freedom of speech? Is this how you stop people from sharing their opinion?
This act of Instagram shows there is no freedom of speech and speaking against the war will get you banned.

Armeena has made us proud by calling out such war mongers. You go, girl!


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  • Priyanka Chopra can show her patriotism for her country, if she loved India at all she would have married an Indian and wouldn’t need an American young famous singer to be in the limelight!!!! Look at her lifestyle…kahi se India ko represent NAHI Karti!!! I have many Indian friends they are no where close to her.
    God is watching over everyone!!! I’m with every innocent that gets abused, it maybe Kashmir or China or any other place on this planet.

  • Huge fan of Pakistani drams in India I know. I just want to say – Armeena Khan’s message was completely misplaced. We may not be fans of PC but she never said anything about war. All she was something like blessings to the country. Kind of like how you say zindabad. Very weird of Arm Khn to twist the msg.

  • Priyanka chopra marries anyone whether he’s an Indian or non indian it’s none of anyone’s business….
    And she did not say anything about war. she offered feelings to armed forces which is natural for human being.
    And l also want to say to Armeena ji…

    She is doing fever for peace and all that why does she oppose the terrorism which is spread by her country. She must have shame on that terrorism. After that she has a right to talk as about other people.

  • Dear inndian fellows…. as a peace ambassador she is not entitled to cheer for advancements of army in a sovergein land. And why dont you ask your government to not let any terrorist enter their country…. oh ya but they are busy plotting kubhoshans to pakistan. How about if pakistan comes to stop those terrorists??? Will it not be equal to war??? And Armeena I am pround of you for calling a spade a spade.

  • What a really shaemful act of Instagram.. Really disgusting, double faced and hypocratic act… Prianka not alone BUT Instagram too is real PRANKS… Armeena cheers up.. U stood up with rights…

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