Armeena Recieves Ugly Comment By Priyanka’s Fan

Armeena Rana Khan has posted an extremely abusive comment by an obnoxious Priyanka fan that was for Armeena Rana.

Besides all these ugly fights from their side we love the transparency of our Superstars that they just post each and every ugly act of Indians on their pages because it surely is part of the process of educating world about Indian extreamism and RSS ideology that has been prevailing there also their public has come to this extent of abuse because of such ferocious doctrine that has being taught to their youngsters where they fight and bad mouth other people for the sake of defending their war mongering stars and nation.

Same happened when Armeena received this ugly comment from a Priyanka’s fan

Here is her tweet and the attached comment

” . @priyankachopra your lovely followers :) now we know the kind of people you appeal to.
IMG 20190916 183027

She has tagged Priyanka in it , if she sees it after done venting as she has a lot on her shoulders.

And from Armeena’s side, her fans are with her and acting as a force for her without being indulging into abuse and hate here are some comments from the same tweet so rhe world comparison both the nations and the mindsets.

Screenshot 20190916 183023

Screenshot 20190916 184303

Screenshot 20190916 184253

Screenshot 20190916 184218

  • Sad. haters will always be haters
    No wonder we have so much hate n destruction. Dont stoop down to that low level. Walk with dignity

  • PC is not liked in HW,she is not a big star, all the Indians in USA support her show,that is cancelled. She is not a good actress,plus ,in HW they do not do photoshopped and use filter to make her look fair and sexy ,like they do in India. Plus,.indian artists social media following are fake ,they BW artists buy followers,this is what HW must learn about this truth! Plus,how long that young boy going to stay with her after she starts pushing 40’s !

  • I wonder why you people get involved with a country like END ian!Bullshit!PC was a big flop in bw.She also tried suicide twice!

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