Arshad Khan Will Continue Shooting For His Debut Film

The handsome guy, Arshad Khan will continue shooting for his debut film Kabeer. Reports of him leaving showbiz and returning to his dhaba were surfing on the internet as one of his managers confirmed his departure from the Industry.

Soon after, the new statement released by his another manager popped out and confused us, but the recent reports confirm that Arshad will continue his career in industry and has been restricted to do any sort of intimate scenes. His family has allowed him to continue his career only if he doesn’t do any intimate or bold scenes.

“It all started when one of Khan’s team members leaked his photos on social media and showed them to his family members in Mardan,” Rizwan Kazmi, one of Khan’s two managers told The Express Tribune. “He belongs to a religious family so obviously the photos didn’t go too well with them and they asked him to quit immediately because it brought a bad name to the family.”

Kazmi further added that Khan has now convinced his relatives and promised his father that he will never perform intimate scenes or participate in an objectionable photo shoot. “We have also fired the person who leaked these photos from our team because Khan had no clue how and when the pictures were leaked and what this all could do to his reputation,” added Kazmi.

However, sources told The Express Tribune that Arshad has actually left the entertainment industry and is making an exception for Kabeer to avoid legal complications. “Khan along with six of his family members have signed a contract to guarantee his participation in the film Kabeer. 40 % of the shoot has already been completed while the second spell commences on January 20, ” said Kazmi.

Rimsha Butt

Rimsha Butt