Asma Abbas opens up about marrying a married man

Asma Abbas is an actress par excellence, one of the most recognized and well respected name in the entertainment industry in Pakistan. The actress, a cancer survivor, has accomplished a lot in her years in the industry, delivering some amazing performances in the biggest drama serials on all channels.

Recently, an old interview of Asma Abbas has been going viral, where she is seen confessing to how she got married to a married man, without his first wife knowing about it.

Confessing to the public while talking to the host, Asma shared how she and her husband had gotten married within the first two months of knowing each other.

“His first wife wasn’t in the country at that time. She came to know about our marriage when she saw a picture of me and my husband in a magazine. She was hurt. You know how it is. That’s what happens in the beginning,” stated Asma sharing how her husband who belong to a conservative family had pressures on him for not having a child from his first marriage.

Asma Abbas then opened up about her relationship with the first wife of her husband, adding how they had come to terms with each other without any bad blood between them.

Asma Abbas opens up about marrying a married man

“I told her, ‘See, this (marriage) is done and it isn’t something that would end as well. We should learn to live with harmony and peace. I also shared that since none of us want to leave him, then it is better to come to terms with the situation at hand and live together,” said Asma.

Asma Abbas mothers two children with her husband now. Her daughter Zara Noor Abbas is an accomplished actress, leaving a mark in the industry with a number of good performances to her credit.

Asma Abbas opens up about marrying a married man

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  • Omg what is wrong with these stupid women ? I used to like her , now I can’t stand her . Find your own man don’t steal somebody else’s . What kind of a man is he too ? Losers

    • A man isn’t property that can be stolen. Allah has permitted four marriages so this is not illegal. The only thing wrong is that he should’ve told his first wife.

      • You don’t tell your first wife, you ask for permission. What he did was a gunnah,which he has to answer for. What a hypocrite he is. Stops his wife and daughter from acting but has no issue with getting married for the second time in secret. No respect for the man or his second wife.

      • Omg are you a man ? This was allowed in EXTREME circumstances like war ! This is not advocated by our religion , it was simply tolerated . Stop pretending or acting that people that do this are not horrible ! They are they both cheated his first wife. Just stop with all this nonsense trying to justify him basically cheating on his wife and her going along with it for money or security or whatever . She was young and she had a job find your own man!! .

      • You know marrying second wife without the written approval presented by local Council Chairman of the area of residence of the first wife, is an offence according to the Pakistani law and it is punishable with up to 3 years in jail, for its violation.

      • It is illegal in the legal system of Pakistan to marry a second wife without obtaining the permission from the first wife and getting the matter registered with the Local Council. Even there is a column in the official nikahnama for disclosing if the groom has an earlier wife and if so, has he obtained the permission from the first wife.

  • Smjh nae ati logo ko kya problem ha unhn n bot purani baa
    t ke jo sab kuch settle b ho gya ha……ager problem ha to dono sotano k bech m ….log itny fazol r farig baithy hain jo is tak m baithy hty hain bas kbi aik actress k pechy parh jaty hain kbi dosri khudara apny ghuron p tawajo do apny ghuron ko set kro, apny ghur walo k liye misaal bano…jis ka uper b ajer mily ga aur ap k dil ko sakon b

    • Why are you replying then ? You must also have a lot of free time . She’s a public figure , she said this in a tv interview . Is she stupid to think people will not comment ? She’s a home wrecker and a bad example .

  • It was quite shocking when she opened up about getting married to a married man. Though Islam allows men to marry four times, but with a very hard condition to keep justice in every matter with their wives. Often men in our society get married second time without letting their first wife know , which is very bad they will be answer able to Allah.
    Most of the men don’t meet toughest condition of Islam about getting married twice.They don’t balance between two of them and leave first wife often vulnerable with three four or some time five children.
    Men seriously need to think and stop following the trend without knowing what Islam teaches them about the rights of women.
    For those women who marry a married man should think hundred times that they can be in the same situation later on in life if they are putting first wife in such a cahaos. Why shatter a women , break her heart and home and build your own when they can find a single man who will be thiers for life.

  • A typical home wrecker, doesn’t matter what Islam allows or not but something morally wrong is wrong no matter what religion or situation is used to justify it.
    This,sadly, has become a trend in our society. He could’ve adopted but no he had to have another woman merely for his satisfaction.
    The first wife should’ve sued them or left him,no one deserves to go through this and no one should stand this.

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