Atif Aslam and Sonu Nigam’s Friendly Musical Match!

Atif Aslam is an exceptionally talented singer, no one can say otherwise. He has proved himself on numerous occasions and now is winning hearts of his fans as well as making their dreams come true by giving them a live taste of his vocals across the globe ; Canada, USA, West Indies, etc. People go gaga over him all over the world. His good looks are just another factor that make him so popular.

Perhaps one of the few singers as loved as Atif is India’s Sonu Nigam. Like our Pakistani gem, he has massive records as well as massive fan following across the globe. Now, imagine these two legendary singers singing together! Sounds like a dream?

Well, that dream came true for the people who attended Atif’s concert at Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario.

These two talented singers had a face-off at the concert and the crowd loved it! In fact, videos of the event are being circulated on the internet like crazy. Watch the video below and tell us who do you think is the winner?

Arsala Khalid