Atif Aslam’s Late Night Music Session Is All Things Cute

Atif Aslam is the reigning king of music. He’s won millions of hearts here in Pakistan, across the border and all around the world. His voice is so soothing it feels makes everyone fall in love. Social Media has shown a completely different side of celebrities. We often think of them as robots who act or sing on stage or on screen and appear on the red carpets in stylish clothes. They upload their candid pictures and videos and we get to see their side which is often unknown.

Atif’s few seconds long video surfaced on Instagram which is from November 9 and was shot at 2 am in the night. Well, it is sounds like it is some controversial stuff but no, it is his cutest video. He is singing a song and someone turns mobile flashlight on. What’s happens next is the most fun thing. He sings ‘Flash marna band kar’ to the person in tune. Now that is one adorable way to ask someone for something. Just simply sing it and since it is Atif Aslam who could do it better.

A couple of days ago he uploaded a fun picture of him trying to read a dummy newspaper in a statue’s hand. It seems like Atif is very happy these days and doesn’t fun to miss a single moment of fun.

Sohayl Ahmed