Award Shows Really Don’t Matter To Me ,Azfar Rehman

Azfar Rehman recently appeared in Ahsan Khan’s show Bol Nights along with Sadaf Kanwal. On a question related to Award shows Ahsan Khan Asked, “do awards really matter or change the game of actor?”. Azfar said, “to me, awards really do not matter as I have always been nominated for my hit dramas like I was nominated for Nazar e bad but I didn’t go to Toronto and in LSA 2019 I was supposed to do hosting alongside Mehwish Hayat but on the last moment I refused.
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He said that ” I am a party person, I would rather go to a friend’s party comfortably instead of attending award show sitting in a stiff manner and asking the one closest buddies Hey what’s up? In a pretentious tone. He said knowing the reality of those people in real, I can’t sit in pretense in such shows as I am who I am.
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He said most of the people are fake in such shows whereas in reality they just say to others like
“Oye chaey laao ” and in formal gatherings, they are simply different people.
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He elaborated the whole award shows in a comic way and Ahsan was laughing hard at his satire, also once in same show Faysal Quraishi has opened up about hypocrisy of award shows where ” fresh of the boats ” sit in front rows and the veteran and senior actors sit in third and fourth row. He said I and Humayun have sat at the back.
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So yes, we agree that nowadays awards are hyped and overrated but it is actually the talent that breaks all the ratings and Azfar’s Aatish proved to be hit.


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  • Award shows does matter to afzar,if he is given a award then if he refuses it ,then he can make this statement . Awards shows are for bringing artists and audiences closer,some awards are voted by the public and this shows the popularity of the audience,others are critics awards,based on the craft of acting. No ,award show is 100 % right,but the choice of one is hard to make,thus being nominated is also,considered as an honor ! Sense of humor ,about awards is very much needed, in Pakistan. What is with all the artists upset that younger artist is getting a award,while the senior artist did not get an award? Makes no sense,it is best actor award for the films and dramas,the best actor on that list gets the award,this is how it is done all over the world. Leonardo de Caprio, wins the Oscar,other nominee are Clint Eastwood ,or Robert deniro, it is based on the work, being senior or junior has nothing to do with it! Stop hating on award shows,if you are not a good sport!

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