Ayeza Khan Thinks Aijaz Aslam Is A Better Actor Than Fawad Khan!

Ayeza Khan and Danish Taimoor were guests in Udham Nite which was hosted by Faysal Qureshi. In one of the segments of the show, Faysal Qureshi asked Ayeza Khan to rate different actors acting out of ten. Surprisingly Ayeza only gave Fawad Khan 5 out of 10. Whereas, she gave Fahad Mustafa 9.7 out of 10, she said that she had learned a lot from Fahad Mustafa.


She gave Hamayun Saeed 8.7 and even Aijaz Aslam according to her deserves an 8. The reason she gave for giving Fawad Khan a 5 was that she has not seen him act in many plays. Shamoon Abbasi’s acting was given 7 points by her, Nauman Ijaz got a 10 which shows that he is her favorite actor.

Danish Taimoor gave Mahira Khan 6 out of ten which was the lowest he gave to any actress!


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