Ayyan’s Plea For Bail Rejected

Model Ayyan was arrested on charge of Money Laundering when she was caught taking 500,000 dollars to Dubai. Ayyan presented her side of the story in a written form before the court today in which she said that she got the money she was carrying from selling property to ex interior minister Rehman Malik’s brother Khalid Malik. Khalid Malik was also supposed to be traveling on the same flight with Ayyan.

Ayyan’s father said that some people were trying to malign his daughter’s position through propaganda. The court rejected the plea of bail because there was enough evidence against the supermodel to keep her in jail. The court asked the concerned authorities to go ahead with investigations to find out where Ayyan got this money from and why she was trying to take it out of the country.

Ayyan also said in her plea that she did not know that a passenger could not carry such a big amount with them while traveling internationally.



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