Bachaana, upcoming film feat. Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza

Bachaana (بچّانا) is an upcoming film featuring Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza in lead roles, directed by Nasir Khan. The details of the film are yet to be made public. The film is shot on the beautiful locations of Mauritius.

Another film of Sanam Saeed, Mah-e-Meer is already completed. So it will be interesting to see which one out of Mah-e-Meer or Bachaana is released first to be declared as debut film of Sanam Saeed.

Mohib Mirza has earlier appeared in films like Josh (2013), Lamhay Seedlings (2013) and Dukhtar (2014). However all these films were not commercial films, thus making Bachaana the first commercial film of Mohib.

Here is a clip from the shooting of this film


Rashid Nazir Ali

Rashid Nazir Ali