Beautiful Actor Couple Fatima Effendi & Kanwar Arsalan with their Cute Kids at Iftar

Fatima Effendi and Kanwar Arsalan have the most adorable family. They always made everyone smile with te cute picture of their son Almir. The couple expanded their family as they welcomed their second son Mahbir last year and he is just an adorable little cutie. The family like all the Muslims in the world is celebrating Ramadan with zeal and they went out for an Iftar.

The cute picture they presented during Iftar had everyone’s hearts melting. We can all set assured that Mahbir knows his angles and is not even a little shy in front of a camera as his pictures are suggesting. Check out some oh so adorable pictures of the family together:

fatima 2

fatima 3

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fatima 4

fatima 5

fatima 6

fatima 7

fatima 8

fatima 9

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