Beautiful Bridal Dress and Makeup Looks of Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan is one of the most beloved celebrities of the Pakistani showbiz industry. This year has turned out to be grim but the news of Sarah Khan’s marriage was nothing short of a pleasant surprise for her fans and well-wishers. Sarah Khan is one such celebrity who is known to carry herself gracefully. She is confident and beautiful, however, there is always an ethnic charm about her aura that mesmerizes those who love her.

Sarah Khan got married to UK based Pakistani singer Falak Shabbir recently. It was on her birthday July 14th when she announced her engagement and her fans got to witness the beautiful proposal Falak had planned for her. However, little did anyone know that it was not just a proposal but the beginning of her wedding festivities because, in the following days, the couple had their Mayon, Mehndi functions, followed by the sacred Nikkah ceremony that was held on July 17th, 2020. Falak Shabbir made sure to turn Sarah Khan’s birthday month even more special for her and the pictures that surfaced showed the attention to detail that went into planning the wedding.

Sarah Khan is beautiful and she made a stunning bride. She chose unique outfits for her wedding festivities and carried all of her unique outfits and softer makeup looks with utmost charm and grace.

Here are the details of Sarah Khan’s bridal dresses and makeup looks:

Sarah Khan’s Proposal Dress and Makeup Look

Sarah Khan got a grand proposal of her life on her birthday on July 14, 2020. It was amazing how she was dressed perfectly for the night that was going to change her life forever. Sarah Khan wore a gorgeous all red outfit designed by Zainab Salman. It was a beautiful formal dress from the bridal collection of the fashion label and it was right up Sarah’s alley because she is known to carry such gorgeous outfits elegantly.

This all-red dress had a heavily embroidered and embellished full-sleeved flared shirt. The border of the shirt was uneven, which brought a design element to it. The chiffon dupatta too had a cutwork border that followed the design patterns of the shirt. The bottom was a flared skirt. This entire dress accentuated Sarah Khan’s lean figure and looked flattering on her.

For her makeup, Sarah Khan chose her go-to dewy look. Sarah Khan mainly focuses a lot on her face makeup, which is always about a flawless base and a lot of glow. She kept her eye make simple and wore a nude lipstick color. She wore her hair in waves and parted them from the center. Sarah picked a heavily pearled choker as her accessory which went perfectly with her dress. She made the right choice by keeping her accessories to an absolute minimum because she allowed her gorgeous dress to do all the talking.

Sarah Khan Falak Shabbir 0 Sarah Khan Falak Shabbir 1

Sarah Khan Falak Shabbir 2

Sarah Khan’s Mayon Dress and Makeup Look

On her Mayon and Ubtan function, Sarah Khan wore a beautiful bright yellow silk outfit designed by Farah and Fatima. She kept her entire look simple and elegant. This shade of yellow complimented Sarah Khan’s skin tone a lot and she carried it beautifully.

This yellow satin dress had a sleeveless short shirt and flared sharara. Sarah Khan draped the chiffon dupatta in such a way which covered her sleeves because she is one of those few celebrities who do not wear sleeveless outfits. The beauty of this dress was definitely in its dupatta which had splattered sequins all over and they reflected the lights at different angles.

On her Mayon, Sarah Khan bronzed her face a bit and also tight-lined her eyes with kajal. She wore a lot of mascara which made her eye makeup look a lot darker than it actually was. Sarah Khan was definitely a happy bride because of which she was glowing from within but she added a touch of highlighter to accentuate it as well. She slightly contoured the hollows of her cheeks as well as her nose. She wore a beautiful mauve nude shade lipstick and looked gorgeous. On this function as well, Sarah Khan wore her hair and gave them a slight textured wavy look. Simple and elegant!

Sarah Khan Falak Shabbir 3

Sarah Khan Falak Shabbir 3a Sarah Khan Falak Shabbir 4
Sarah Khan Falak Shabbir 5 Sarah Khan Falak Shabbir 6

Sarah Khan’s Mehndi Dress and Makeup Look

Sarah Khan wore a beautiful creation of Nilofer Shahid, from her fashion label Meeras. It was a beautiful orange floral printed dress that had a short shirt and a Patiala shalwar. Sarah Khan looked like an absolute doll this day because she kept her overall look extremely simple and let the dress and jewelry catch the attention.

This beautiful short shirt and shalwar were made out of one fabric. It was definitely a unique as well as a simple choice which brides usually don’t go for but Sarah Khan showed that such simple and timeless dresses can also be worn on Mehndi functions. The shirt and neckline had a thin border. The border on the sleeves and dupatta was a bit thicker and had more color to it.

Sarah Khan tied her hair in a bun and did not wear a lot of makeup, because of which she looked simply stunning. Sarah Khan did have a decent amount of coverage from the foundation on her face. She lightly contoured her cheeks and wore shimmery highlighter on the high points of her face, especially cheekbones. She wore a brown nude lipstick and a bit of mascara and that was all there’s to her mehndi makeup look. Sarah Khan did wear a pearly, semi-precious stoned necklace, which complimented the dress beautifully.

Sarah Khan Falak Shabbir 7 Sarah Khan Falak Shabbir 8 Sarah Khan Falak Shabbir 9 Sarah Khan Falak Shabbir 10 Sarah Khan Falak Shabbir 11 Sarah Khan Falak Shabbir 12

Sarah Khan’s Nikkah Dress and Makeup Look

Sarah Khan once again chose her favorite designer Nilofer Shahid for her bridal dress. She wore a beautiful peachy pink dress and looked ethereal. On her Nikkah, Sarah Khan went for a timeless look while still adding the regal touch to it. The richness of the fabric made this dress stand out a lot more and gave it the royal look that Sarah Khan was after.

Sarah Khan wore a short full-sleeved silk shirt and a lehenga. The shirt had small embellished motifs all over and the lehenga had a thick beautiful border at the bottom which was created with a lot of different embellishment materials. The dupatta was a different shade of peachy pink and had a duo-chrome look to it. The dupatta too had a beautiful border which was similar to the border on her sleeves.

Sarah Khan wore her hair in a bun and went for a side partition which allowed her statement tika and jhumar to stand out a lot more. Sarah Khan went for heavy jewelry with layered thick necklaces that completed her ethnic traditional look.

Sarah Khan’s makeup was all about heavily kohl’ed eyes and flawless skin. She wore a beautiful shade of peachy blush on her cheeks as well as a lot of highlighter to further add more glow to the already glowing bride. She wore a highlighter on her browbone too to bring some definition to the darker eyes. She wore a nude pink lipstick to match the outfit and looked like a timeless beauty.

Sarah Khan Falak Shabbir 13 Sarah Khan Falak Shabbir 14 Sarah Khan Falak Shabbir 15 Sarah Khan Falak Shabbir 16 Sarah Khan Falak Shabbir 17 Sarah Khan Falak Shabbir 18 Sarah Khan Falak Shabbir 19

Sarah Khan’s Mehndi Design

Sarah Khan went for a traditional mehndi design. However, what set her mehndi apart and made it completely different and custom made was the inscription that stated ‘Falak Ki Dulhan’. This was how Sarah Khan announced that her wedding festivities had just begun and it was not going to stop at a proposal only.

Sarah Khan went for a traditional circle in the palm of her hand with filled tips and intricately designed patterns around the circle and beneath her fingertips. However, at the back of her hand, there was a lot more pattern and intricate designing but that too was more or less similar to how her mehndi was inside her hands. It was a beautiful rose surrounded by circular designing at the back of her hand, with her fingers too covered in some bold and some intricate patterns.

Sarah Khan Falak Shabbir 20 Sarah Khan Falak Shabbir 21 Sarah Khan Falak Shabbir 22

Sarah Khan definitely made a beautiful bride. Which look of hers turned out to be your favorite? Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below.


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