Beautiful Clicks of Syed Jibran with Daughter and Wife

Syed Jibran is a family guy. He always manages his busy work schedule to find time for his wife and kids. The whole go on vacation, dinners, and movies to enjoy the quality time together. 

Daughters love their fathers the most, and so do their fathers. He wants her little princess to get everything. He never wants to see tears in his darling’s eyes. 

Syed Jibran and his daughter share the same bond. Eva is a carbon copy of her mother. Recently, there was a poem presentation of Eva in her school. Her parents were there to encourage and support their little princess. Eva dressed up as an adorable monkey and won the hearts of millions of people with her innocent looks and smile. Hoorain, Ayeza and Danish’s daughter, was also there at the school function. Both looked absolutely cute. 

Check out the latest pictures of Jibran and Afifa with their daughter Eva Jibran. 

Eva Jibran 1

Eva Jibran 2

Eva Jibran 3

Eva Jibran 4

Eva Jibran 5




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