Beautiful Pictures of Evergreen Actress Shagufta Ejaz

Shagufta Ejaz has always been the start of the entertainment industry. She started her acting career in the late 1980s through PTV. Now, she is winning the heart of millions of people through her tremendous acting in several drama serials on different channels. 

From lead to supporting roles, Shagufta Ejaz never failed to impress her fans. She even won the Best Supporting Actress award for her role in Mera Qatil Mera Dildar. From negative to emotional characters, Shagufta always gave her 100% to all her projects. 

Shagufta Ejaz always finds a way to spend quality time with her family. As time passed by, Shagufta lost a lot of weight. She tries to keep herself physically and mentally fit, and for that, she exercises daily and eats healthy food. 

Check out some of the latest pictures of beautiful and evergreen actress, Shagufta Ejaz. 

shagufta ijaz 1

shagufta ijaz 2

shagufta ijaz 3

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