Best Dialogues of Pakistani Dramas From 2020

Pakistani dramas are known for their relatable stories and their soulful dialogues. Some writers in particular excel at penning down dialogues that are both meaningful and emotional. These dialogues leave a lasting impression on the viewers because the actors delivering the dialogues do complete justice to them. In 2020 there were many dramas that had enlightening and beautifully written dialogues. Some of these dialogues will be remembered for a long time because of the situations in which they were spoken.

Here is a list of the best dialogues of Pakistani dramas from 2020:


Danish Tries To Convince Mehwish – Mere Pass Tum Ho

Mere Pass Tum Ho was known for its mind-blowing dialogues and the way they made some scenes memorable. After Danish heard Mehwish’s conversation with Shehwar and saw her pictures with him, he was sure that his wife wanted to leave him. Even after knowing everything, he tried to make her stay. He reminded her that she loved him because he was so sure that she had completely forgotten everything. After reassuring her of his love repeatedly, he reminded her that Roomi was also part of their lives and if this marriage ever came to an end, he would also suffer. His dialogue about Roomi was another emotional and beautiful part of this conversation.

Danish’s Loss Summed Up – Mere Pass Tum Ho

Episode 12 was one of the most powerful episodes Mere Pass Tum Ho because it had a few of the most memorable dialogues from the drama. Danish for the most part was a ‘good sport’ when he divorced Mehwish and let her leave with Shehwar. In this scene, Danish shared how he felt at the moment and gave words to his vulnerabilities. Shehwar thanked him for divorcing Mehwish and remarked that it was ‘great’. Danish’s reaction to this basically summed up his feelings in this situation. His words also showed yet again what Mehwish meant to him. He made sure Shehwar knew that this was not great. The timing and delivery of these dialogues made all the difference. The bitterness which Danish felt and his need to stay in control even though the odds were clearly against him; all of this was communicated brilliantly through these dialogues The viewers felt for Danish because of such dialogues in this episode.

Gohar’s Confession For Sameer – Ishq Zahe Naseeb

This was the ending scene of the drama serial Ishq Zahe Naseeb. It showed how Sameer and Gohar had been parted for a while because Sameer was trying to get better so that he could return to his beloved wife. This scene showcased how over the period of time, Gohar had developed strong feelings for her husband Sameer and how hard it was for her to deal with his absence. The dialogues were poetic and philosophic but in such a beautiful manner explained the feelings of Gohar related to Sameer.


Abdul Ala & Master Ibrahim Talking About Qalb e Momin – Alif

Drama serial Alif was filled with many beautiful conversations and messages, however, this one struck a chord with the viewers the most because it showed a grandfather voicing his concerns and then Master Ibrahim sharing his insightful perspective of how Qalb e Momin was bound to bounce back after wandering through different paths of life. He stated beautifully that in order to find the right path, it was imperative to walk on the wrong ones which eventually make one realize the importance of the true path.

The Beautiful Message Gifted To Qalb e Momin – Alif

This was another brilliant scene that covered different conversations with beautifully written dialogues. It was a series of conversations that Abdul Ala and Qalb e Momin had when he used to paint something special for his grandson. The beautiful Quranis Ayats and the elaboration of the meaning behind were soulful to listen to.

Saad’s Mother’s Advice – Ehd-e-Wafa

Ehd-e-Wafa was perhaps the only drama this year which focused on young people and it had so many meaningful messages. Saad’s mother was one of the many progressive female characters in the drama. When Saad wanted to help Dua after he found out that she was living in a small rented place, his mother once again gave him the advice to be patient and to stay focused. This was such a good way of speaking to all the youngsters who were in similar situations. The dialogues were written so well, Ahad Raza Mir and Vaneeza Ahmed’s on-screen chemistry made them even more relatable.

Summing Up The Journeys – Ehd-e-Wafa

The last scene of Ehd-e-Wafa finale showed how the leading male characters of the drama summed up their journeys. Each one of them shared what they had learned along the way. The writer kept the speeches short and meaningful. The boys came a long way therefore their experiences were yet another way for the writer to convey some important messages to young people watching the drama. These speeches covered everything from staying true to your mission to valuing others.

Mahjabeen Bragging About Her Culinary Skills – Pyaar Ke Sadqay 

Drama serial Pyar Ke Sadqay revolved around Mahjabeen and Abdullah, two very differently capable individuals. The best aspect of Mahjabeen’s personality was her defense mechanism and how she put it to good use to come out of sticky situations. This particular conversation was amusing and the way Mahjabeen came up with the whole idea to use it to her advantage was super interesting to witness.

Kashf Praying For Guidance – Kashf

Drama serial Kashf explored spirituality in a very unique manner. The character of Kashf was made to do things she never believed in doing but every time she did what her family demanded, she sought apology and guidance from Allah. This scene was beautifully written and showed a clean hearted girl acknowledging the fact that she was absolutely nothing and all the powers belonged to Allah. These dialogues were truly insightful and had a beautiful meaning to them.

Hassan’s Promise To Inaya – Sabaat

Drama serial Sabaat showed the struggles of a young couple, however before their marriage, Hassan made a few promises with Anaya because he knew she had her reservations. This conversation was definitely meaningful and acted out brilliantly by both Ameer Gillani and Mawra Hocane. This was also a very sweet scene that made the viewers feel warm and fuzzy.

Adam Defines Mardangi – Mushk

Mushk is another drama serial that has some of the most powerful dialogues which question stereotypes and reflect the writer’s approach towards things in general. These dialogues in which Adam has an argument with his captor, he defined mardangi in an episode that looked at how a man should actually be like. Adam’s definition of a real man was one that is also backed by religion since Mushk’s dialogues do have a spiritual side. Ruby’s dialogues were equally interesting since they reflected her own experiences with men.

Guddi’s Insightful Dialogues – Mushk

Guddi is one of the most loved characters in the drama serial Mushk. She is blunt and her dialogues are always insightful. Through these dialogues, Guddi defined khushi and ghum in the most beautiful, unusual yet relatable manner. Guddi explained how most of us are constantly looking for happiness; running after it yet very few people actually experience it. Unhappiness and discontent, on the other hand, is something most people experience the majority of the time even though they are not running after it. These dialogues were also the best because, for the first time, the viewers watched Guddi being happy for someone else.

This completes the list of meaningful dialogues that we came across in Pakistani dramas this year. Which one of these dialogues did you like the most? Please feel free to share your favorites in the comment section below.

Fatima Awan & Zahra Mirza


  • ‘Hum sab yhi kartay hain na,insanon kay baray main apnay gumaan par chaltay hain. Yay man’nay ko tayar hi nai hotay k agar hum ghalti kar kay badal saktay hain to dusra bhi ghalti sey seekh sakta hai.Tobah kay darwazay par kisi aik insaan ka naam to nahin likha hota’

    ‘Tum Chor Jao Mujhe aur wo sab paa lo jo mera saath ne cheena hai tum sey.’

    ‘Ghalti Ki Tum se Payaar kiya.
    Main ne to Gunaah kiya, Allah ki Muhabbat tumharay wasalay se paani chahi. Shirk kiya. Tumhare liye matti hui to matti hui. Usk liye hti to woh mera hta. Gunaah kiya Taha AbdulAala Tumhara but pooja lekin aaj tor rahi hoon. Tum Jhootay aur tumhara payar bhi jhoota’

    ‘Beta Allah ki zaat se itni mayoosi achi nahi hai.
    Allah se mayoos nai hoon, dunya se hoon, logon se hoon.
    Log bhi Allah k hain Duniya bhi Allah ki hai.
    Sab Allah k hain bas Momina Allah ki nahi hai.’

    ‘Flirt kar rahay hain? agar kar rahay hain to kamaal ki pick up line hai.
    Flirt karna to kab ka chor diya hai, ehtraam karta hoon apka main, aur ehtram mohabbat paida karta hai…….. au aur izzat’

  • Nice article
    Mere pass tum ho and Alif dialogues were amazing.
    In sabaat I liked Anaya convo with her father after her marriage where her father guided her.
    Mushk dialogues are also good. My most favorite is
    A: Afsoos hua sun kar
    G: Sun ky wo afsoos kahan hota hai jo seh kar hota hai

  • The way Humayun Saeed acted Danish’s character was beautiful. His feelings,expressions and dialogues were beautiful. Please also add the dialogue that was probably the last dialogue of Danish with Mehvish i.e.
    “Mujhe abhi tak yeh samaj nahi aye kay murder bara jurm hay ya bewafai. Kiyonkay murder may murder hota hay aur bande ki jaan chili jati hay, likin bewafai may murder tou hota hay magar jaan nahi jati!!!!”