Best On-Screen Characters From Current Pakistani Dramas

Pakistani drama writers understand that a drama needs a strong storyline and well etched-out characters in order to engage the viewers and leave a lasting impression. Nowadays many of writers bank on shortcuts to make their characters attractive therefore any character that fits the bill is highly appreciated. The bechari aurat is the easiest and most commonly used shortcut. Black and white characters are also considered an easy way to gain the sympathies of the viewers or to make them hate a character. What makes an on-screen character truly impressive is firstly when it is not clichéd, secondly, it is not one-dimensional and most importantly the viewers should be able to relate to the character. Whether the character is good, bad, or grey the motives and personality traits of the character should not confuse the viewers. If a character is unpredictable then that is great but logic comes before everything else.

If a character does something which is completely opposite to their main personality traits which define that character then the viewers lose interest and feel frustrated. There are some characters that pique the curiosity of the viewers which is always an additional attribute that makes these characters more interesting.

Out of all the plays that are currently on air here is the list of the characters who can easily be termed as the best because they have so much going for them:


Parizaad (Parizaad)

Hashim Nadeem has given us some of the most memorable male leads therefore it does not come as a surprise that his new male lead in a drama serial has already won the viewers over within 3 weeks! Parizaad is a young man whose outward appearance does not match his name. He has been shown as someone who has faced constant rejection and is a sensitive person who registered everything he ever went through. Even after going through so much, Parizaad always had a heart of gold. The situations this character has been through and his dialogues which represent his state of mind make this character one that is refreshing and touching at the same time. Ahmed Ali Akbar’s outstanding performance has definitely given this character the edge it needed to truly stand out.

Best On-Screen Characters From Current Pakistani Dramas

Noor (Aakhir Kab Tak)

It is always refreshing watching strong female characters on screen. Noor is one such character from Aakhir Kab Tak who is fierce and intelligent. Even though she was raised in a household where she watched her mother suffering constantly, she refused to accept the norms set by her family. Her character has been etched out brilliantly because there isn’t a single situation where she uses her confidence in a way that would make the viewers question her. Her character has played a major role in bringing about much-needed changes in the way things work in the house. Ushna Shah’s brilliant performance makes this character even more likable.

Best On-Screen Characters From Current Pakistani Dramas

Fajar (Aakhir Kab Tak)

Fajar’s character is completely different from Noor’s; she lacks confidence and depends entirely on her sister for support. Her character perfectly and aptly shows how constant disapproval and scorning affect a child’s personality. Even though Fajar lacks confidence and is socially awkward, she has always been shown as someone who is completely capable of critical thinking. The only reason she was targeted by her class fellow to be the next victim was her timid personality. The writer has through this character shown that a rape victim cannot just move on after finding a partner who loves them but they need help from professionals. Usually, such characters are one-dimensional but Fajar’s character isn’t so. Srha Asghar’s performance makes this character even more convincing.

Best On-Screen Characters From Current Pakistani Dramas

Safia (Aakhir Kab Tak)

Safia is the weakest character in the drama serial Aakhir Kab Tak and perhaps also one which we have seen in dramas many times before. What makes her eligible for this list is the fact that the writer has used this character to send such a strong message to all the mothers out there about how not to raise their children! Although there are many dramas in which such helpless mothers are shown but Safia’s struggles truly resonate with the viewers because the impact they have had on her life and on her children’s life has been shown on screen so aptly.

Best On-Screen Characters From Current Pakistani Dramas

Saim (Aakhir Kab Tak)

Aakhir Kab Tak is perhaps the only Pakistani drama right now which has such strong characters that so many of these characters made it to our list this time around. On the one hand, we have men from Noor and Fajar’s household who do not respect women at all and on the other hand, we have a man like Saim who does not just respect women but also goes out of his way to accommodate his wife. There are times when you get the too-good-to-be-true vibes from Saim but then his family background and upbringing make it easy to understand why he is so accommodating and kind. Haroon Rashid fits in this role perfectly.

Best On-Screen Characters From Current Pakistani Dramas

Falak (Laapata)

Only two episodes of Laapata have aired so far but already Falak’s character stands out more than any other. Falak is an independent and confident young girl with a fun and sensitive side to her character. Falak is another strong female protagonist who had our immediate attention for obvious reasons. We rarely get to see such female characters in dramas especially from middle-class households. The fact that Sarah Khan is playing a character different from what she is usually seen doing also adds to the appeal of this character.

Best On-Screen Characters From Current Pakistani Dramas

Saira (Dunk)

Dunk was criticized a lot because of its basic storyline but it has a few characters which balance out the negativity of the leading female protagonist. Saira has been shown as a strong woman who fought against all odds to give her daughter a good upbringing. Although her entire journey had our undivided attention, recently her appearance in the court was the best we have seen of her yet. Yasra Rizvi’s solid performance has made this character even more impactful.

Best On-Screen Characters From Current Pakistani Dramas

Minal (Dunk)

Sometimes sane and balanced female characters can be a rarity especially because characters that are black and white are usually more popular among the masses. This is the reason why Minal’s simple yet appealing character from Dunk is a part of this list. Minal was the only person who believed in Haider and did not let her emotions get the best of her. She is a practical, caring, and intelligent woman who at times showed more concern for Haider than his own mother.

Best On-Screen Characters From Current Pakistani Dramas

Basit (Azmaish)

Azmaish is one of the most popular drama serials right now which mostly has black and white characters. Basit is one such character who is on this list because apart from being a decent man with tons of self-respect, he is not one of those characters whose sole identity is their one-sided love for the heroine. Basit keeps the drama from getting monotonous and his character continuously surprises the viewers. Fahad Sheikh always excels at playing such characters therefore he was the perfect choice for playing this role.

Best On-Screen Characters From Current Pakistani Dramas

Alia (Pardes)

Pardes is an issue-based drama serial that covers the life and journeys of different generations. All through this journey, Alia’s character has been the most refreshing element of a drama which does not have a lot of grey characters. Alia always did whatever she could to make her mother realize that she was not being fair to her daughter-in-law and now when she has made a comeback her support for those who truly deserve it continues.

Best On-Screen Characters From Current Pakistani Dramas

Which characters from Pakistani dramas are your favorites nowadays? Share your views.


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