Best On-Screen Couples Of Pakistani Dramas

Many factors contribute to making an on-screen couple a complete success. The number one factor has to be the actors and the chemistry they share. No matter how well-written a track is, it falls flat if the actors involved do not look like they are connected to each other at some level. On-screen chemistry is undeniably the most important factor. Some actors naturally share great on-screen chemistry and when such actors share screen space, there are bound to be fireworks. Having said that, one cannot deny the importance of a well-written script. Black and white characters and run-of-the-mill love stories do not have the same impact on the viewers now because the drama watching audience has so much to choose from. Therefore, love stories which are convincing as well as enticing and characters which are intriguing play a major role in making these on-screen couples a hit. In this video we will talk about all those amazing on-screen couples of Pakistani dramas which have won the viewers over since the 90s. Do share your opinion about these couples and add more names to the list.


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