Best Scenes & Dialogues From Drama Serial Mushk

Mushk is Imran Ashraf’s second venture as a writer and he has already impressed the viewers and the critics with his writing style. There are few writers in the Pakistani drama industry who like to experiment and Imran Ashraf it seems has also joined their league. He is already well recognized as an actor who is continuously taking up challenging roles and as someone who has struggled a lot to get where he is today. Mushk was welcomed by the viewers initially because of its old feel and a different storyline. As the story moved forward, the element of intrigue, powerful dialogues and the variations in characterization attracted the viewers even more. In these 7 weeks Mushk has left an impact on the viewers. The credit for this also goes to the director Ahson Talish and particularly some of the actors whose acting prowess has breathed life into their characters. Some of the scenes and dialogues from this drama have been so meaningful that after every episode the viewers discuss them more than the storyline itself. The unpredictability of the story also adds more appeal to the drama.

Here are some of the most powerful scenes and dialogues from drama serial Mushk.

Gratitude Explained

The first few scenes of Mushk prepared the viewers for the journey by incorporating an element of spirituality in the theme. Through so many such short and to the point dialogues, Imran Ashraf gave his viewers some much-needed life lessons. Qavi Khan sahib’s vitality in this scene makes the message even more effective. Gratitude is all about valuing every little thing and through this scene the viewers learn the importance of gratitude from someone who appears to be a layman but has so much wisdom to impart. Qadar karo is a message that would resonate with all those who are grateful and also those who are not!


Having Faith in Allah

There are so many Pakistani dramas which showed attempted suicides by the leading ladies and men. It is a trend that is getting more common in our dramas with every passing day. No one in these dramas ever talks about suicide from a religious perspective. There is no such hint even in most of these dramas. In this scene when Mehak was narrating her sad story to Guddi, the timing of the Azaan and the reason why Mehak did not take her life made this scene one of the best. For the first time someone actually in a subtle way put forward the message that having faith in Allah’s plan and relying on him is always better than taking things in your own hands.

The Unusual yet Emotional Bond

The strong bond between Shayan and the person he is being held captive with was highlighted impeccably through this scene. When Shayan returns to the cell after getting caught while trying to escape, his fellow captive’s true feelings were reflected through these soulful dialogues. Through this scene more than ever before, the viewers found out how these two prisoners had come close to each other in the most unusual circumstances. When Shayan ran away it wasn’t just a happy moment for him but also for this person who had nothing to gain from it. Such friendship is rarely seen in dramas therefore this emotional bond is one of the many best aspects of Mushk.

Beautiful Thoughts

When Guddi was kicked out of the haveli by Zulekha, she went to the train station long before the train was there. That is when she met the porter and once again through this old man, the writer gave another important message to his viewers. He said something really simple while extending help to Guddi but this simple gesture was also so meaningful. Through his words he once again put across the most beautiful message that even when we help another person we should be thankful for being the chosen ones. These are such small things which usually are not mentioned in simple conversations but when they are said, they leave a lasting impression. These are definitely the kind of dialogues which make you reflect upon the simple everyday actions and help you look at them from a completely different perspective.

Guddi and Adam’s First Meeting

A lot of screen time was dedicated to this first meeting therefore it had so many moments and dialogues which were simply the best. Through this scene, the writer revealed different personality traits of both these characters. The dialogues were crisp and meaningful. Imran Ashraf and Urwa Hocane’s mind-blowing performances and the artistic backdrop added to the beauty of these scenes. It won’t be wrong to say that there wasn’t a single dull moment when these two leading characters met, it was worth the wait!

The Power of Gratitude

This was another scene in which Qavi sahib’s character explained gratitude and how much Allah loves it in this simple scene. His excitement and energy is contagious in every scene. Although he is a side character but every time he appears on screen he leaves an unforgettable message. This is a man who does not take anything for granted, not even everyday thing like the arrival of passengers and train on the station.

Mehak’s Union with Her Son

This was a really short scene but the events that led to it made it the best. Momal Sheikh and Urwa Hocane’s acting made it realistic and impactful as well. The viewers had no way of knowing whether Mehak would meet her son again or not therefore this union was a happy ending to a tragic turn in the story. Guddi’s expressions suggested she was still as stubborn and uninterested as ever. Mehak’s eagerness to hold her son and cuddle him made this scene the best.

A Painful Discovery

Every character in drama serial Mushk has a proper background and each one of them have stories of their own. Muqaddar Khan’s wife found out about her husband’s captives totally unexpectedly. Little did she know that her husband had lied to get married to her. Watching the man she had loved so deeply suffer because he loved her was a painful discovery. Instead of making this revelation one sided, the writer showed that both of them figured out what Muqaddar Khan had done instantly. This scene was directed exceptionally well, the camerawork was impressive and the performances too were perfect.

Guddi Decides To Stay

Zulekha gave Guddi the permission to come back to the haveli so that she could make her life hell but in an interesting twist of events, it was Guddi who decided she won’t leave until she destroys Zulekha completely. This was an important development which was covered so convincingly. This was also good news for all the viewers who wanted Guddi to stay in the picture for long.


Guddi Puts Her Plan into Action

When Roshni feels completely dejected because Saqib has disappeared after getting caught, Guddi decides to step in. The way she entered the room and completely took over was simply mind-blowing. The dialogues were so on point and both these actresses performed superbly. The precision with which Guddi put her plan into action suggests that she will win! Did you enjoy watching these scenes? Add more scenes and dialogues to the list.

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