Bilal Lashari Files An FIR Against Hassan Waqas Rana

Bilal Lashari, the young director of recent Pakistani movie Waar has filed an FIR against the investor of the film Hassan Waqas Rana. According to the reports Bilal Lashari is very upset because the investor did not pay Bilal Lashari according to the contract between the two. According to the agreement, Hasan Waqas was to share 25 per cent of the profit with the director. In the FIR filed with the Kohsar police, Lashari stated that he was a partner of the investor in the film but Rana deposited Rs 200 million in his account, refusing to share any part of the earnings with the director.

Hassan Waqas Rana said that the allegations were false because according to the agreement the film was to be shot in 45 days but it took Bilal Lashari three years to shoot the film. Due to the long time frame, the expenses were more too.


Hassan Rana said ““I paid Lashari Rs15 million for his job but when the film was completed, he e-mailed me and threatened to delete the film if I do not share 25 per cent profits with him,” he said.

“The fact is that I have not received all the amount of the film. Moreover, Lashari received many awards for the motion picture but never disclosed who was the investor of the film,” he added.